Grimlight-Grimlight v1.12.0 APK (Latest)

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A world filled with dreams and fables awaits you as you awaken to a fresh start. Even though the planet of Phantasia was once rich in mystique and enchantment, these qualities have been stripped away by the Dreamless, which are unseen creatures to corrupt all living things and consume the globe into everlasting nothingness. Even the Dominion lords, formerly responsible for protecting the realms, became corrupted and quickly lost their capacity for reason and sanity. They have been reduced to nothing more than empty husks of their former selves, consumed in insanity and ruin.

It is only possible for you, the Dreamer, to save the world from an unending state of devastation by summoning legendary figures through pieces of their previous memories to extinguish the darkness…


Simply place your heroes on the battlefield by dragging and dropping them with your finger, and you will be ready to go.Acquire various weapons and stuff so your heroes may be customized and improved!Unlock characters with stunning artwork created by some of the best creators working in the anime style.Pay attention to their words, and you’ll discover their tales.Engage the protagonists of well-known fables and delve into the backstories of their adventures.You will need to call upon your allies and use the power of the Dreamstone to preserve the planet of Phantasia from the dangerous Dreamless.